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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

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Released in 1990 by Strategic Simulations, Inc., Countdown to Doomsday was the first "gold box" game set in the sci-fi Buck Rogers universe.


"It is the year 2456. The powerful, despotic Russo-American Mercantile (RAM) holds the solar system in its iron grip.  All hope for freedom lies with a daring band of rebels, the New Earth Organization (NEO) led by Buck Rogers.

"Now, you and the members of your team can join Buck and his allies to rid the solar system of RAM tyranny!"

-- 1991 SSI advertisement [1]


Game Information


Manuals and documentation


Technical Information


Available Platforms [1]

  • IBM PC (640K)
    • PCs, XTs, ATs, PS2s and Tandy 1000 Series
    • Video supported: CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, Tandy 16 Color
  • Commodore 64/Commodore 128 (64K)
  • Amiga (1Mb)


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