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Death Knights of Krynn

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Death Knights of Krynn, PC game box,1991

Released in 1991 by Strategic Simulations, Inc.


Game Information


Cover Art

Like the cover art used for Champions of Krynn, the painting featured on the game box is by Keith Parkinson.  Lord Soth's Charge depicts the fearsome Death Knight and his cohort of undead warriors galloping toward the viewer.  The figure of Lord Soth is angled slightly toward the right as though intent on other prey, but one of his skeletal companions races "dead-on" straight at the viewer.  The sense of motion and tension is heightened by the off-kilter angle of the frozen ground.  And of course, the demonic red eyes of Soth's horse -- snorting ruby flame -- are a nice touch.  Parkinson combines strong composition with attention to minute details such as armor, tack, and ground cover.  A cut-down version of the painting was used for the game box; only Soth himself and three of his cohort are visible.


The cover art's depiction of undead tracks closely with the focus of the second game, in which thwarting the designs of Lord Soth and his consort occupy most of the plot.


Lord Soth's Charge was featured in the 1987 DRAGONLANCE(R) calendar[1], and is one of Parkinson's most well-known works. In 1992 Ral Partha created a series of miniatures based on the painting.[2]


Manuals and documentation


Technical Information

Adventurer's Journal, cover


Available Platforms [1]

  • IBM PC (640K)
    • PCs, XTs, ATs, PS2s and Tandy 1000 Series
    • Video supported: CGA, EGA, Tandy 16 Color Mode
    • Sound supported: C/MS, AdLib
    • Available on 5-1/4" or 3-1/2" floppy disk
    • Required a hard drive or two floppy drives


External Resources

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