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DRAGON Magazine 133

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excerpt from DRAGON Magazine #133

May 1988

The Role of Computers

(C) 1988 by Hartley, Patricia, and Kirk Lesser

News and new products

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

1046 North Rengstorff Avenue

Mountain View CA 94043-1716

(415) 964-1353

In DRAGON(R) issue #127, we conducted

interviews with several of the folks at SSI

regarding their computerized ADVANCED

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS? fantasy role-

playing games. The first game is set to be

released in June of 1988, with three

AD&D(R) game products planned: an FRP

game, a joystick-controlled action game,

and a Dungeon Masters utility program.

The company will show sneak previews of

these AD&D games at the upcoming Con-

sumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and

is also previewing Questron II, the sequel

to the company's best-selling Questron

game. As more information becomes avail-

able, we will publish it in this column.

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