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The Dark Queen of Krynn

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The Dark Queen of Krynn PC game box, 1992

Released in 1992 by Strategic Simulations, Inc.


Game Information


Cover Art

The cover art featured on the game box is The Dark Queen by Clyde Caldwell, the noted fantasy artist who also painted the cover of Pool of Radiance (among others). The evil goddess Takhisis confronts her helpless prey, the captured archmage Raistlin Majere.  Behind her recedes the featureless, coral pink landscape of the Abyss.  The skin tones are superb, as is the pebbling on the stone wall.  Raistlin's teeth are gritted with pain or rage, his eyes ringed by deep shadows as he gazes up at his captor.  We get a clear sense of exactly what Raistlin would do if he could get his hands on her!  The mage's black robes and sleeves are tattered, with bleeding cuts on his legs and his long-fingered hands bound by serpents -- a nice touch.  The posed figure of the Dark Queen is a bit more static, a quality of Caldwell's multi-figure work that is overcome in his best pieces.  Flanked by a pair of young dragons or lizards, Takhisis wears a skimpy ensemble accentuated by fang-heeled shoes.  It must be said, however, that her face resembles a cross between 1980s Pat Benatar and other TSR depictions of Kitiara uth Matar.  The Dark Queen's expression reveals anger, but seems a little too impassive for the gloating we would expect to see as she prepares to inflict torturous revenge on her enemy.


The cover art refers to the events of the endgame, during which the party enters the Abyss.  As they travel through the featureless plains, the heroes encounter a black-robed mage being tortured -- Raistlin Majere, who was captured by the Dark Queen following his attempt to defeat her and thereby become a god.



Manuals and documentation


Technical Information

Adventurer's Journal, cover


Available Platforms [1]

  • IBM/Compatibles (640K)
    • 286, 386, 486 and Tandy
    • Video supported: EGA, VGA/MCGA (256 Color)
    • Sound supported: AdLib, Sound Blaster and Roland
    • Available on 3-1/2" (1.44 MB) or 5-1/4" (1.2 MB High Density) floppy disk


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